My baby, in pictures.

IMG_0344 I don’t want to work, I just want to bang on my drums all day….

IMG_0423Compilation of his school pix from 2013

IMG_1205York, Maine

IMG_0586I can swim AND watch Spongebob?? This place is GREAT!

IMG_0607 As “Humpty Dumpty” in his inclusion class.  Kid is a total ham.

IMG_1012 IMG_1014 IMG_1013 IMG_1010

Lastly, some photos of Owen and I sitting in front of our house, watching cars go by and making faces.


About Kathleen Quinn

Surviving motherhood, stepmotherhood, special needs motherhood. I'm tired just writing that. Also social worker and liberal hippie snowflake.

One response to “My baby, in pictures.

  1. Katie

    These are lovely photos of your son you must be so proud of him, my two boys (aged 6 and 3) also have fragile x syndrome so know how much joy they can bring to your life!

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